Late June Pie Box


A delicious and effortless seasonal three course menu celebrating all that is good about summer



English pod vegetables & garden mint parfait

confit garlic, lemon dressing, toasted herbed focaccia V

(Contains dairy focaccia contains gluten)


Our famous curried Burholme farm Lonk lamb pie

in our roast lamb fat pastry 

(Contains gluten, spices & dairy)


Bowland beef & summer vegetables pie in red wine sauce

in our roast beef fat pastry

(Contains dairy, sulphites from wine & gluten)


Layered creamed potato, Tarleton spinach, & Mrs Kirkham’s crumbly cheese pie

in our butter shortcrust V

 (Contains gluten, dairy)


Set Gisburn Lemon Cream

macerated Lancashire strawberries, lime meringue 

(contains dairy & gluten)

Your pie box contents


1 pot of parfait, 1 bag of dressing, sourdough bread for 2  


Pies of your choice for 2

With potato pies a bag of spinach cream. At the time of making the pies we could not get our local spinach. Just drop the bag in a bowl of kettle boiled water for 5 minutes and serve with your pie.


2 pots of pudding,  1 bag of macerated spiced English strawberries, 2 pots of meringue 


Place all food immediately in the fridge until ready to use. All food apart from watercress can be frozen for up to 3 months. To use just defrost overnight in the fridge and proceed as below.


Warm the oven to 220° Celsius. 

Place a roasting tin to heat up on the top shelf for the pies 10 mins before reheating pies.


For the parfait

Scoop out 2 large quenelles, one onto each plate. Drizzle with the dressing. Garnish with watercress enjoy with sourdough

For the sourdough focaccia

Sprinkle all over lightly with cold water. Put in a 220° Celsius oven for 4 to 6 minutes. Remove and wrap in a cloth to keep warm, cut into 4 slices and serve.

Dispose of the brown paper bag in your usual household waste or compost or paper waste bag

Main course

For the pies

To cook through, cover the top of the pie with some foil to avoid over browning the top, put the pie on a preheated oven tray, turn the preheated oven down to 200° celcius and cook until piping hot & well browned all over — usually 12 to 15 minutes. Uncover during the last 3 minutes cooking time to crisp up the top. Remember a deep burnished coloured pie means a crisp crust so keep it in until crisp & browned. Delicious hot or cold.

Dispose of the box in your usual cardboard recycle or household waste. It is fully biodegradable and also recyclable & so is the aluminium tray.


Garnish the set cream with the strawberries, top with the meringue and tuck in!

Dispose of the 100% biodegradable & compostable pots (the brown & the clear one are both fully biodegradable & compostable)  in your usual household waste or compost.

The bag containing the strawberries is fully recyclable, just rinse out and proceed with your usual recycling method.