Extra June Pies

From: £15.00

  • Beef and Summer Veg Pie for Two

    Bowland beef & summer vegetables pie for 2

    in roasted beef pastry, red wine sauce

    (contains gluten, dairy & sulphites from wine)


  • Curried Lonk Lamb Pie for Two

    Our famous curried Burholme farm Lonk lamb pie

    in our roasted lamb fat pasty

    (Contains gluten, spices & dairy)
  • Potato, Spinach and Cheese Pie for Two

    Layered creamed potato, Tarleton Spinach, Mrs Kirkham's crumbly Lancashire cheese pie

    in our butter shortcrust (V)

    (Contains gluten & dairy)


This product is only supplied as part of a meal box and cannot be ordered separately.