Outdoors Add-ons

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1/2 pint of prawns

1/2 pint of prawns

Wild garlic mayonaise, sourdough bread & butter

(contains shellfish, gluten, dairy, sulphites from vinegar)

Smoked Morecambe Bay mussels

Home smoked Morecambe Bay mussels

Fennel & carrot slaw, orange dressing, sourdough focaccia

(contains gluten from heat flour in the sourdough, sulphites from vinegar in dressing, molluscs & shellfish)

Confit Mushroom Parfait

Confit Lancashire Mushroom Parfait

sourdough focaccia

Child's cheese and tomato manouche

Lancashire cheese & tomato manouche (for a child up to 10 years only)

sourdough flatbread, with fries

(contains dairy, gluten)

Child's Hot Dog

Hot dog (for a child up to 10 years only)

with fries

(contains dairy, gluten)

Courtyard Dairy Cheese Plate

Courtyard dairy cheese Plate

with Neal's Yard biscuits

(contains Dairy, Gluten)

Chocolate and Peanut Butter Slice

Kathy's chocolate & peanut butter slice

pouring Gisburn cream

(contains peanuts, dairy, gluten)

Set Gisburn Cream

Set Gisburn Cream

roasted rhubarb, lime meringue

(contains Dairy )

This product is only supplied as part of a meal box and cannot be ordered separately.